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Furnace Installation in Indian Trail

The #1 team for furnace installations in Indian Trail

We are here to guide you through the installation process for your new furnace.

Whether you’re replacing your furnace in an older home or building a new home, the equipment you choose impacts your comfort.

We provide free estimates for new furnace installations.

Free Estimates for all New Furnace Installations

Considering installing a new furnace to lower your energy bills, avoid costly repairs, or replace an outdated or malfunctioning HVAC unit?

At Reliable, we’re here to guide you to the most cost-effective and efficient heating solution for your home. For some, a heat pump might be an excellent alternative. We will explore all possibilities with you.

Our HVAC technicians are trained and licensed installers. Our installation team has extensive experience to answer any questions you may have about your new furnace.

Feel free to reach out to us to learn more about the heating solutions that align with your financial plan and the variety of installation services we offer.

Call our sales team or schedule a request online for free in-home estimate.

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Benefits of Professional Furnace Installations in Indian Trail

  • Equipment performance and efficiency, ensuring your home heats more effectively
  • Increased comfort throughout your home, including consistent and reliable heating
  • Lower annual utility costs, thanks to the improved efficiency of newer furnaces
  • Decrease in service and repair expenses–properly installed furnaces encounter fewer issues
  • Extended equipment lifespan, protecting your investment longer
  • Access to annual maintenance & warranty coverage, offering peace of mind

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Our Furnace Installation Process: Designed for Your Comfort and Confidence

We know that investing in a new furnace is a big decision. That’s why we prioritize giving you complete control and clarity throughout the entire process. Here’s how we make your furnace installation smooth and worry-free:

We explain all the factors that go into your furnace choice – efficiency, features, long-term savings, and, importantly, how proper installation extends its lifespan and protects your investment.

We pinpoint potential energy savings with different SEER ratings, showcasing how a higher efficiency furnace reduces your bills over time, justifying the upfront cost.

We carefully assess your home’s needs to ensure the correct furnace size for consistent comfort. Then, we guide you through brand options, helping you find the perfect balance of reliability and affordability.

Our certified HVAC technicians perform meticulous installations, strictly adhering to manufacturer guidelines. This is vital for the performance, efficiency, and lifespan of your furnace.

We fine-tune your new system for maximum efficiency and make sure you fully understand how to optimize your thermostat settings for personalized comfort and additional savings.

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Financing for New HVAC Installations

We want to ensure everyone in Indian Trail can enjoy a warm, cozy, and comfortable home, regardless of their budget. That’s why we offer competitive financing options for homes and businesses of all sizes.

Why Precision Sizing is Key to Your New Furnace Investment

Reliable understands the importance of precision. Our professionals meticulously assess your home’s unique needs, guaranteeing a perfect fit for your furnace. Choosing a qualified HVAC contractor is vital – it makes the difference between a system that performs optimally and one that causes problems.

The Problems Caused by Improper Sizing:

  • Wasteful Short Cycles: Rapid heating and shut-off creates uneven temperatures and uncomfortable humidity.
  • Accelerated Wear: Frequent starting and stopping strains components, shortening the furnace’s lifespan.
  • Higher Energy Bills: Inefficient operation translates to wasted energy and increased costs.
  • Constant Struggle: Running nonstop, the furnace can’t adequately heat your home, resulting in cold spots.
  • Increased Expenses: The excessive strain drives up energy bills and strains the system.
  • Premature Failure: Continuous operation leads to wear and tear, shortening the furnace’s lifespan.
  • Unmatched Comfort: Even, consistent warmth throughout your entire living space.
  • Peak Energy Efficiency: Operates smoothly for maximized savings on your heating bills.
  • Extended Lifespan: No unnecessary strain ensures your furnace lasts for many years.

Ultimately, precision sizing is the best recipe for a furnace that delivers consistent comfort, reliable performance, and long-term cost savings.


We’re happy to answer any of your repair, installation, or replacement questions.

Why Choose Us for Your Furnace Installation?

Experience the Difference of a Worry-Free Furnace Installation.

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Upgrade Your Comfort! Customize Your Installation

  • Smart Thermostats: Effortlessly manage your home’s temperature for peak efficiency and comfort.
  • LED In-Duct Purification: Breathe easier with improved indoor air quality and cleaner ductwork.
  • Whole-Home Purification: Enjoy superior air filtration for a healthier, fresher home environment.

Your Assurance of Quality and Satisfaction Guaranteed: If you have any concerns about our work, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re committed to resolving any issues quickly and to your complete satisfaction.

We Service All Major Brands

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We’ve got answers

Can I install my own furnace?

Typically no. You need to be a trained and licensed.

Do you provide furnace installations in other areas?

Yes, we also service Matthews, Mint Hill, Indian Trail, Stallings, Wesley Chapel, Weddington

How much does it cost to replace an furnace?

Prices in range widely depending on the size of the unit. Installed furnace in our area can range from $5,000 to $10,000.

How long do furnaces typically last?

Single whole-home furnace units typically last 15 or more years.

Our Reviews

“We had a great experience with Reliable. We worked with Mike on our furnace repair and couldn’t be happier. Mike was on-time, professional, and clearly experienced. We’d recommend anybody use Reliable for any HVAC work you need done in Indian Trail!”

Luke T.


“Matt and Manny, the technicians who came to our home, were professional, skilled and personable. Matt was super sweet answering questions my daughter had about the installation and keeping me informed throughout the process. Nick was also very helpful in helping me to understand my estimate. Overall my experience with Reliable Heating and Cooling was very good.”

Lisa M.


“Michael and his apprentice’s professionalism, knowledge of their craft, and friendliness, this was a perfect service call. I will definitely refer this company and use them again. Thank you so much! A+++++.”


Susan O.